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Affordable Housing Location-Allocation Model for Central Minnesota Event
Utilizing Data to Manage Neighborhood Change Event
Visualizing Neighborhoods: a Hackathon for Good Event
Housing Forum: Rental Housing and Open Data Event
Draw Your Own Map Event
A Collaborative Decision Support Framework to Guide Stakeholder Construction of Land Use Policy in Edge Communities in Carver Co Project
Leadership of NSGIC Project
Measuring Water Clarity and Quality in Minnesota Lakes and Rivers Project
Analysis of Scenario and Visualization Tools for Transit‐Corridor and Station‐Area Planning Project
Regional Hazard Mitigation Area Analysis Project
U.S. Trunk Highway 12 Redevelopment Project Project
HUD Sustainable Communities Regional Plan Project
Scott County Prime Farmland Mapping Project Project
Home Foreclosure Rates in MN by County and Legislative District, 2007-2011 Project
Using Visualization Technologies to Create and Assess Development Scenarios Project
Arsenic Vulnerability Maps for Domestic Wells in West-Central Minnesota Project
GIS modeling of impervious surface coverages on Crow Wing County shoreline properties for use in establishing a performance-base Project
Wadena Area Replant Project Project
A Municipal Growth and Development Toolkit for Peripheral Communities Project
Identifying and Mitigating Impacts from Expanding Urbanization to Duluth-Area Streams Project
Home Foreclosure Rates in MN by County and Legislative District, 2007-2011 Project
Minnesota Land Management Information System Ten Years Later Publication
Longfellow Community Council Lead Exposure Risk Analysis. Publication
A GIS Map Making Guide for Neighborhood Organizations and other Community-based Groups in Northeast Minneapolis. Publication
GrandNet: A Community Electronic Network in Rural Minnesota. Publication
URISA'89 Advances Research Agenda. Publication
Whittier Analysis of Impacts on Residential Property Values. Publication
Data to the People: North American Efforts to Empower Communities with Data and Information. Publication
Neighborhood Planning and GIS: Case Studies from the Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System. Publication
CURA Launches Minnesota 3-D Mapping Application. Publication
GIS Code of Ethics: What Can We Learn from Other Organizations? Publication
Hawthorne Neighborhood Assessment of Homestead Program. Publication
Geographic Information Systems: A Feasibility Study for the City of Duluth Police Department. Publication
Westford Township GIS Demonstration Project. Publication
GIS in Dakota County: Benefits Add Up. Publication
Seward Longfellow Greenway Planning. Publication
Forestry Demonstration Case Using the MLMIS. Publication
38th Street and Hiawatha: Transit Oriented Development Potential along the Light Rail. Publication
Minnesota Land Management Information System Ten Years Later. Publication
Harrison Neighborhood Environmental Assessment. Publication
Proposed MLMIS Systems Development Plan--Executive Summary. Publication
Impacts of GIS Use for Neighborhood Revitalization in Minneapolis. Publication
Interstate 394 Commuter Patterns. Publication
1999 Metro GIS Participant Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Longfellow Dynamic Volunteer Map. Publication
Managing Natural Resource Data: Minnesota Land Management Information System. Innovations/transfer - New Approaches by the States. Publication
Elliot Park Land Use Study. Publication
How to Build a Community GIS - The MNIS Handbook. Publication
Land and Geographic Information Systems in Victoria. Publication
Seward Urban GIS Project Redevelopment Suitability Analysis along the Midtown Greenway. Publication
How and Why Community Groups Use Maps and Geographic Information. Publication
City of Minnetonka Watershed Analysis. Publication
Project Update: Statewide Digital Parcel Map Inventory. Publication
IS/GIS Hardware/Software/Data Features and Capabilities: What's Done, What's On, What's Next? Publication
Harrison Neighborhood Crime and Safety Data. Publication
Proceedings. Abstracts and Papers from the 1991 Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium Conference. Moving Strategically into the 1990s. Publication
White Knights of Spatial Data Infrastructure: The Role and Motivation of Key Individuals. Publication
How and Why Community Groups Use Maps and Geographic Information. Publication
Geographic Information Systems: What Data Do People Want? Publication
Near North and Willard-Hay Plymouth Avenue Vision Project. Publication
"Assembly and Uses of a Data-Sharing Network in Minneapolis." Chapter in _Putting Data to Work: Data-Driven Approaches to Strengthening Neighborhoods._ Publication
Computer Applications in Land Use Mapping and the Minnesota Land Management Information System. Publication
Transforming Community Development with Land Information Systems. Publication
GIS-Based Environmental Equity and Risk Assessment: Methodologial Problems and Prospects. Publication
St. Anthony West STAWNO NRP Housing Project. Publication
Application of ERTS-1 Imagery to Statewide Land Information System in Minnesota. Publication
Guide to Courses in GIS and Land-Related Studies on the Twin Cities Campus, University of Minnesota. Publication
Hiawatha LRT Potential Commuters. Publication
Rising Tide of GIS in Minnesota. Publication
St. Anthony West Housing Tenure and Density Project. Publication
Retrospective Look at the Need for a Multipurpose Cadastre. Publication
Minnesota 3-D Worker and Resident Analysis: North Minneapolis. Publication
St. Paul Community Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Publication
1988 Minnesota Inventory of Computer Mapping Systems: Software, Applications, Graphic Data Files & Expertise. Publication
Urban NRP Funding and GIS Analysis of Powderhorn Park. Publication
The Mother of All Maps. Publication
National Land Parcel Data: A Vision for the Future. Publication
User Control of Isarithmic Mapping. Publication
Elliot Park Youth and Family Resources. Publication
Mapping Demographic Trends for School Enrollment Projection in the Independent School District 709 (Duluth, MN). Publication
The Minneapolis Neighborhood Employment Network: A Retrospective Publication
Minnesota 3-D: Bringing Planning and Community Data Together Online. Publication
URISA'92 and the Research Agenda: What We Know and What We Need to Know. Publication
Longfellow Buckthorn Busters Project. Publication
CURA Reporter Fall/Winter 2011 Publication
Land Management Information in Northwest Minnesota. The Beginning of a Statewide System. Publication
Development and Implementation of GIS at East Side Neighborhood Development Company. Publication
Maximizing GIS Benefits To Society. Publication
We Compost! Seward Project. Publication
Guide to the CRT Data Entry System. Publication
MLMIS Geocoding Procedures. Publication
Minnesota 3-D Analysis of Commuting Patterns around University Avenue. Publication
1997-1999 Guide to Courses in GIS and Land-Related Studies on the Twin Cities Campus, University of Minnesota. Publication
Near North and Willard-Hay Neighborhood Planning and Affordable Housing Project. Publication
Spatial Databases: A Tour. Publication
Connecting Twin Cities Job Center Locations and Minnesota 3-D Commuteshed Data. Publication
Maps for the Fingers. Publication
Longfellow Housing Need and Neighborhood Demographic. Publication
Problems of Spatial Accuracy Publication
Senior Age Population and Household Size in Longfellow. Publication
GIS and the Internet: Tools for Neighborhood Access to Information. Publication
URISA's Research Agenda and the NCGIA. Publication
Standish-Erickson Tracking NRP Activity (1996-2001) and the Effects. Publication
Data Providers Empower Community GIS Efforts. Publication
Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System: A Community, University, and City Collaboration. Publication
Why We Couldn't Get the Data We Wanted. Publication
Hawthorne Zoning Disposition Project. Publication
Minneapolis Neighborhoods and St. Paul Planning Districts. Publication
Sharing Graphic Data Files in an Open System Environment. Publication
The Geography of Participation in Neighborhood Revitalization Program Home Improvement Programs and Multifamily Construction Projects. Publication
Supporting Data for the Series of Analysis Maps Created for the Minnesota Trails Initiative Granite Falls to Skalbakken Park Trail Study. Publication
Coordinating Data in Minnesota. Publication
Powderhorn Park West Census Mapping Project. Publication
Computer-Aided Planning Process for Outdoor Recreation Facilities, A Case Study of the Black Bear Area, Crow Wing County, Minnesota. Publication
MetroGIS Benefits Study. Publication
Mapping Twin Cities, Minnesota Metropolitan Area Land Use with ERTS-1 Imagery. Wall Map, Twin Cities Metropolitan Area Land Use, 1974. Publication
Whittier Supportive Housing Project. Publication
Proposed MLMIS Systems Development Plan. Publication
Community Participation and Geographical Information Systems. Publication
Determining Where Twin Cities Hospital Employees Are Traveling from to Their Place of Employment. Publication
GIS in Dakota County. The Growth and Use of a Geographic Information System throughout a Local Jurisdiction. Publication
Hawthorne Northside Business Survey. Publication
Management of Hydrographic Features in West Central Minnesota From ERTS-1 Imagery. Publication
Minnesota 3-D Analysis: University Rental Housing Study. Publication
Minneapolis Neighborhood Information Systems Toolkit. Publication
Computerized Land-Cover Classification of Haverhill Township Using Landsat TM Imagery. Publication
Powderhorn Park At-Risk Property Locator. Publication
White Knights of Spatial Data Infrastructure: The Role and Motivation of Key Individuals. Publication
Information Technologies in Neighborhood Organizing: Learning from a Minneapolis Neighborhood. Publication
Progress on the Research Agenda: URISA '90. Publication
Harrison Glenwood Avenue Planning. Publication
Integrating Stakeholder Values in Collaborative Land-Use Planning for Metropolitan-Area Edge Communities. Publication
GIS Based Wetland Assessment Methodology for Urban Watershed Planning. Publication
An Evaluation of the Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System. Publication
Advancing Neighborhood Goals: The Role of Geographic-Based Community Development Corporations. Publication
Why We Can't Share Data: Institutional Inertia. Publication
Longfellow, Powderhorn Park and Whittier Lake Street Planning Project. Publication
MLMIS Data Collection Procedure Manual. Publication
2003 Guide to Courses in GIS and Land-Related Studies on the Twin Cities Campus, University of Minnesota. Publication
Empowerment, Marginalization and Public Participation GIS. Report of Vareniius Workshop. Publication
St. Anthony West Senior Housing Resource Study Project. Publication
Test Using System 2000 with MLMIS Data. Publication
ERTS-1 Applications to Minnesota Land Use Mapping. Report No. 3. Publication
Attracting Workers to Live Closer to Their Place of Employment: Columbia Heights, Minnesota. Publication
Rising Tide of GIS. Publication
Powderhorn Park West Lake Street Initiative Project. Publication
Statewide Parcel Map Inventory. Publication
Minnesota 3-D Comparison Analysis of Its Community Partners. Publication
Template for a Toolkit: Community Growth Options for Farmington and Rosemount. Publication
Seward NRP Phase 1 Review Project. Publication
Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Research Area
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