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Title Type of informationsort icon
CURA Reporter. June 2000 Issue. Publication
Impacts of CURA Projects [2009-2010]. Publication
A Framework for Building Evaluation Capacity Based on the Experiences of Three Organizations. Publication
New York Mills Regional Cultural Center Youth Arts Program Implementation Project. Publication
Method for Measuring Community Empowerment. Publication
Evaluation of the Community, Families, and Children Initiative 'American Indian Capacity-Building in Select Neighborhoods of St. Paul'. Publication
Client Evaluation of the Victim/Offender Conferencing Program in Washington County (MN). Interim Report. Publication
Plymouth Youth Center Longitudinal Study Year 3 Report. Publication
Charter Schools, Parents, and Public Schools in Minnesota. Publication
CURA Annual Report, 2013–2014 Publication
Improving the Education of Minnesota's Students from Pre-K through College: Measuring Student Progress and Using Data to Drive Decision Making. Publication
Bridging Two Worlds: NPCR Program Evaluation Final Report for the First Three Years, 1993-94 to 1995-96. Publication
Program Impact Assessment. Publication
CURA Self-Study Report. Publication
Cluster Evaluation of the Community-Based Public Health Initiative: 1994 Annual Report. Publication
Practicing Restorative Justice: Family Group Conferencing and Juvenile Crime in the Suburban Metro Area. Publication
CURA Annual Report, 2012–2013 Publication
What Happens after Environmental Review? A Review of the Implementation of AUAR Mitigation. Publication
Long-Range Humanities Program Planning 'In Their Own Words.' Publication
North Minneapolis Southeast Asian Initiative Project Evaluation. Publication
Urban Growth and Environmental Protection: Searching for a Balance at Eagle Creek. Publication
Stairstep Health Initiative. Evaluation Report FY 2002-2003. Publication
CURA Annual Report, 2011–2012 Publication
The Minneapolis Neighborhood Employment Network: A Retrospective Publication
Building Community: The First Five Years of NPCR. Publication
Community Oriented Policing Evaluation of the Seward Neighborhood. Publication
Neighborhood Employment Network Affiliate and Minnesota Family Investment Program Performance Management Study. Publication
Woodbury Police Department's Restorative Justice Community Conferencing Program. An Initial Assessment of Client Satisfaction. Publication
InfoPoint User Evaluation Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Community Assistantship Program: Connecting the University with Greater Minnesota. Publication
An External Review of the Post-Development Phase of the Crest Ridge Corporate Center, Glen Lake Redevelopment, and Goodwill Industries Development. Publication
CarFit Minnesota: Community Engagement in Action. Publication
Homelink Program Evaluation. Publication
Liberty Plaza Residents Survey. Publication
Homeless School Children. Preliminary Report. Publication
Cluster Evaluation of the Community-Based Public Health Initiative: 1993 Annual Report. Publication
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