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"Assembly and Uses of a Data-Sharing Network in Minneapolis." Chapter in _Putting Data to Work: Data-Driven Approaches to Strengthening Neighborhoods._ Publication
Whittier Neighborhood Housing Profile. Publication
Human Services Data Book. A Directory of Data Sources for the Arrowhead Region. Publication
Problem/At-Risk (PAR) Property Study: Dayton's Bluff Neighborhood, St. Paul, Minnesota. Publication
Minneapolis-St. Paul: People, Place, and Public Life. Publication
Public Housing Highrise Social Service Pilot Evaluation. Publication
Buying a Home with Contract for Deed: What You Should Know First. Publication
American Indians on the East Side of St Paul. Publication
CURA Reporter Summer 2012 Publication
Minnesota's Housing: Shaping Community in the 1990s. Fourth in the series, What the 1990 Census Says About Minnesota. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region IV. Publication
HomeLink Marketing and Media Campaign: To Increase Homeownership Rates for People of Color on the East Side of St. Paul. Publication
Neighbors and Government Collaborate in Fighting Crime: The CARE Program in North Minneapolis. Publication
New Homes, Vacancy Chains, and Housing Submarkets in the Twin City Area. Publication
Hamline-University Rental Profile. Publication
CURA Reporter. Winter 2002 Issue. Publication
Neighborhood Planning and GIS: Case Studies from the Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System. Publication
Comparative Housing Market Analysis: Minnetonka and Surrounding Communities Publication
American Indians and Home Ownership. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region VIII. Publication
Somali Community Needs Assessment Project. A Report Prepared for the Somali Resource Center. Publication
Relating to Reality in the Related Arts. Publication
Cooperative Student Family Living: A History and Census of the Como Student Community. Publication
Liberty Plaza, Inc. Residents' Needs Survey Report. Publication
CURA Launches Minnesota 3-D Mapping Application. Publication
Where We Live. The Residential Districts of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Publication
Illusion of Self-Sufficiency: Realities for Working, Single Parent Families. Publication
Whittier Supportive Housing Project. Publication
Institutionalizing Organized Citizen Participation: Challenges and Opportunities. Publication
Minnesota's Housing: Shaping Community in the 1990s. Publication
Community Development Efforts in Central St Paul. Publication
Town and Gown: The Impact of the University of Minnesota on Adjacent Publication
Hmong Resettlement Study Site Report, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. Publication
Housing and Urban Hennepin County. Publication
Bridging Two Worlds: NPCR Program Evaluation Final Report for the First Three Years, 1993-94 to 1995-96. Publication
Common Bond Focus Groups About Computers: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Traffic Literature Review: Congestion and Quality of Intersections. Publication
1988 Twin Cities Area Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Five Degrees of Conservation. A Graphic Analysis of Energy Alternatives for a Northern Climate. Publication
Moving Forward Together: U of M Minneapolis Area Neighborhood Impact Report. Publication
Tenant Integration and Adaptation of Older Tenants: Impact of Age and Disability Integration in Minneapolis Public Housing. Publication
Unlawful Detainer Court Study. State of Minnesota, Hennepin County, Fourth Judicial District Court, First Division, Minneapolis. Publication
MCDA and Single-Family Housing Development in Minneapolis: Report to the United Neighborhoods Coalition. Publication
Housing Careers of Very Low Income Persons. Publication
Revitalization of St. Paul's Historic Ramsey Hill Neighborhood: The Adoption of a Housing Style. Publication
School Mobility and Housing in the Dayton's Bluff Community. Publication
New Village: A Housing Cooperative of Cambodian and Laotian Refugees. Publication
Analyzing Impediments of Fair Housing Choice in Hennepin County, MN: A Resource Inventory. Publication
Housing the Whittier Neighborhood. Publication
Who Seeks Home Foreclosure-Prevention Counseling? Publication
Formative Evaluation of 'Our House': Transitional Housing for Homeless Mentally Ill Women. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region II. Publication
Process and Procedure: How Structural Problem Properties Are Addressed in the City of St. Paul. Publication
Skyline Towers Collaborative. Publication
Student Housing Survey. Publication
Community Planning Catalyst for Merriam Park and Snelling Hamline. Publication
Information Technologies in Neighborhood Organizing: Learning from a Minneapolis Neighborhood. Publication
Density and Housing Options Study: City of Minnetonka. Publication
American Indian Housing Report: Phillips Community. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region VI-E. Publication
Preserving Housing: A Best Practices Review. Publication
Neighborhood Revitalization for Whom? Publication
Twin Cities Conversions. The Displacement Factor: A Survey of Outmovers. Publication
Stevens Square-Loring Heights Neighborhood Clinton Sector Redevelopment Plan Publication
Project Update: Housing for Migrant Workers in Minnesota. Publication
A New Twin Cities: The Shape of Things to Come. Publication
Build Baby Build?: Housing Submarkets and the Effects of New Construction on Existing Rents Publication
Relationship between Housing Renovation and Population Change in St. Paul's Historic Ramsey Hill Area. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region X. Publication
St. Anthony West Senior Housing Resource Study Project. Publication
Radon in Living Areas of Minnesota Houses. Publication
When the Poor Face Housing Court. Publication
Near North/Willard-Hay Community: Current State of the Community, 2000. Publication
Expanding Educational Opportunity Through School and Housing Choice. Publication
Land Use Practices: Exclusionary Zoning, De Facto or De Jure. An Examination of the Practices of Ten Suburban Communities in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Preliminary Draft. Publication
Housing Issues. Publication
Neighborhood in Transition: An Analysis of Factors Influencing Property Value Change in the McKinley Neighborhood. Publication
Land Market Beyond the Urban Fringe. Publication
Residential Investment Activities in West Side Saint Paul. Publication
Proposal for Creation of a Housing Partnership in the Stevens Square Community. Publication
CURA Reporter. Fall/Winter 2008 Issue. Publication
Report on Women's Advocates Shelter. Publication
Using Economic Simulation Techniques in Housing Analysis Publication
Creating a Housing Database for the East Side Neighborhood of St. Paul, Minnesota. Publication
2001 Twin Cities Area Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Into the Fields: A Report on Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers in Minnesota. Publication
Residential Land Development Regulation in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Migrant Worker Housing Survey Results from South-Central Minnesota. Publication
Towards an Architectural Definition of Normalization: Design Principles for Housing Severely and Profoundly Retarded Adults. Publication
Creating Space: A Guide to Real Estate Development for Artists. Publication
St. Paul's North End Community: A Report on Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Redevelopment. Publication
Assembly and Uses of a Housing Data-Sharing Network in Minneapolis. Publication
Who's Financing the American Dream? A Comprehensive Study of Home Purchase Lending in Twenty Large Metropolitan Areas from 1994 to 1996. Publication
Struggling for Self-Sufficiency on Low Wages. Report of a Conference to Discuss Problems of Low-Income, Working Single Parents. Publication
Homeownership and Community Building on the East Side of St. Paul. Publication
Phillips Neighborhood (Minneapolis): Income Statement and Balance Sheet. Publication
Twin Cities' Housing Dilemma. Publication
Vacant Housing in the Context of a City Neighborhood: The West Side, St. Paul, Minnesota. Publication
CURA Reporter. September 1999 Issue. Publication
Housing and Density Options. Publication
Minneapolis Native American Housing Survey: Technical Report. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region IX. Publication
Outreach to Hmong Americans on the East Side of St. Paul. Publication
Community Involvement in the Whittier Neighborhood: An Analysis of Neighborhood Conditions and Neighborhood Change. Publication
Postwar Housing in National and Local Perspective: A Twin Cities Case Study. Publication
Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association: Neighborhood Revitalization Program--First Step Action Plan Evaluation. Publication
From Research to Action: Housing Mobility and Dayton's Bluff Achievement Plus Elementary School. Publication
Subprime Lending and Foreclosure in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties: An Empirical Analysis. Publication
Resilient Communities Analysis of Mid-Priced Housing in the City of Minnetonka. Publication
Report on the Transient Nature of Selected Downtown Residents in Duluth, Minnesota. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region VII-W. Publication
Viviendas de Trabajadores Migrantes: Resultados de Encuestas del Centro-Sur de Minnesota [Migrant Worker Housing Survey Results from South Central Minnesota.] Publication
Site Study of Soil Characteristics and Soil Gas Radon in Rochester, Minnesota. Publication
Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice in the City of Minneapolis. Publication
Housing Resource Guide. East Phillips Improvement Coalition (EPIC). Publication
Subprime Lending and Foreclosure in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties. Publication
Past Choices/Present Landscapes: The Impact of Urban Renewal on the Twin Cities. Publication
Housing Rehabilitation Loan Programs in Minnesota. Publication
St. Anthony West Housing Tenure and Density Project. Publication
Results of the Annual Twin Cities Area Survey, Fall 1986. Publication
American Indian Experiences with Home Ownership. Publication
District 7 Then and Now: A Summary of Existing Planning Documents Publication
Growth Management in the Twin Cites Region. The Politics and Performance of the Metropolitan Council. Publication
Residential Segregation of Immigrants: A Case Study of the Mexican Population on St. Paul's West Side. Publication
Twin Cities Area Survey and Low Income Survey 1984: Summary of Findings on Housing. Publication
Neighborhood Renovation and Residential Choice in Seward West: A Survey of Current and Former Residents. Publication
Neighborhood Housing Condition: Survey Methodology. Publication
2000 Twin Cities Area Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
1998 Twin Cities Area Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Impacts of GIS Use for Neighborhood Revitalization in Minneapolis. Publication
Moving Forward Together: U of M Minneapolis Area Neighborhood Impact Report - Appendices. Publication
Profiles of the Twin Cities Poor. Report/Two. Unmet Basic Needs of Low-Income Single Parent Families. Publication
Unlawful Detainer Court Study. State of Minnesota, Hennepin County, Fourth Judicial District Court, First Division, Minneapolis. Publication
Predicting Housing Abandonment in Minneapolis' Central Neighborhood: Creating an Early Warning System. Publication
North Minneapolis Housing Market Index. Publication
Housing Development and Organizational Conflict in an Urban Neighborhood, An Essay of Opinion Shaped by Observing Events in the Elliot Park Neighborhood 1979-83. Publication
Phalen Corridor Initiative Report: Summary of Big Communities Meetings--March 1999. Publication
Study of St. Paul's Rehabilitation Program. Part I: Conclusions and Recommendations. Part II: Issues and Attitudes. Part III: ITA Reports. Publication
Evaluation of Minnesota's Analyses of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice. Publication
Housing Early Warning System Feasibility in the Hamline Midway Area. Publication
Twin Cities Neighborhood Maps. Publication
Locational Decision-Making in Suburban Residential Development. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region III. Publication
HOMELink Hmong Program Evaluation. Publication
Renovation on the Hill. Publication
Housing Discrimination in the Phillips Neighborhood. Publication
Develop and Analyzing the Neighborhood Early Warning System in Hamline-Midway. Publication
CURA Reporter. December 2000 Issue. Publication
The Distinguished Developments Scoring Sheet for Conservation Design. Publication
Indian Housing in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region VII-E. Publication
Minnesota's Housing: Shaping Community in the 1990s Publication
Training in Co-op Development. Publication
Minnesota County Housing Profile. Publication
Sources of Funding for the Development of Affordable Housing. Publication
CURA Reporter. Summer 2004 Issue. Publication
CURA Reporter. Winter 2006 Issue. Publication
Changing Populations in Merriam Park, Saint Paul. Publication
Study of the Self-Sufficiency Program Administered by Project for Pride in Living (SSP-PPL). Publication
St. Anthony West STAWNO NRP Housing Project. Publication
University of Minnesota Pre-Habitat Conference. Publication
Given Choice: The Effects of Portability in Section 8 Rental Housing Assistance. Publication
An Analysis of the Population and Housing Characteristics of Longfellow Neighborhood and Recommendations to Inform the Development of a Housing Strategy. Publication
CURA Reporter. Fall 2007 Issue. Publication
Land Use Practices: Exclusionary Zoning, de Facto or de Jure? An Examination of the Practices of Ten Suburban Communities in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Long Term Vacancy and Residential Abandonment in Minneapolis. Publication
Single Parents Building Community in the Corcoran Neighborhood. Publication
1999 Twin Cities Area Survey Oversample: Results and Technical Report. Publication
The Impact of St. Paul Vacant Buildings on Neighboring Property Values. Publication
Codebook and Methods of the 1986 Twin Cities Area Survey. Publication
Student Guide to Graduate Study in Housing: Courses, Faculty, and Resources at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus 1978-80. Publication
The Emerging Markets Homeownership Initiative: Pilot Organization and Participant Experiences. Publication
Older Minnesotans: What Do They Need? How Do They Contribute? Publication
Arts Space Listings Program Manual. Publication
Accessing Housing Data in Saint Paul and Ramsey County, Minnesota. Publication
Template for a Toolkit: Community Growth Options for Farmington and Rosemount. Publication
Women's Advocates Shelter: An Evaluation. Publication
Housing Assistance for Culturally Specific Groups. Publication
Expanding Opportunities for Single Parents through Housing. Guidelines for New and Existing Housing and Neighborhoods that Meet the Needs of Single-Parent Families. Publication
Minnesota Transitional Housing Program: Structuring a Study of its Effectiveness. A Report for the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless. Publication
Impact of Contract for Deed Sales in Frogtown. Publication
CURA Reporter Spring 2012 Publication
Age- and Disability-Integration and Adaptation of Older Tenants in Minneapolis Public Housing. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region I. Publication
East Seventh: A Cosmopolitan Corridor. Publication
Frogtown Action Alliance Comprehensive Neighborhood Action Plan: An Evaluation for the McKnight Foundation. Publication
Housing the University's Students. Publication
Developing an Early Warning System for an Eight-Block Area of Minneapolis' Phillips Neighborhood: Methodology, Results, and Implications for Future Studies. Publication
Managing Urban Growth: The Metropolitan Council's Politics and Performance. Publication
Minnetonka Housing and Density Options [poster]. Publication
Examining the Relationship between Housing, Education, and Persistent Segregation. A Preliminary Report. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region V. Publication
Evaluation of the Dayton's Bluff Children's Stability Project, Year Two. Publication
Neighborhood Planning for Community Revitalization. Annual Report: Year One. Publication
Twin Cities Conversions. The Condominium Market: Surveys of Activity, Developers and Buyers. Publication
Maintaining and Developing Rental Housing in Hamline-Midway. Publication
Student Perspectives on the East Side Community Outreach Partnership Center. Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring 2005 Issue. Publication
Aging in Place: City of North Saint Paul Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Aging Resilient Communities Project. Publication
Population Change Due to Housing Renovation in St. Paul's Ramsey Hill Area. Publication
Sixty Plus in Region VI-W. Publication
Minnesota 3-D Analysis: University Rental Housing Study. Publication
Radon in Minnesota. Publication
Operating Low-Income Housing: The Cost of Cooperative vs. Rental Units. Publication
How to Build a Community GIS - The MNIS Handbook. Publication
CURA Reporter. Summer 2007 Issue. Publication
Old Problems in New Times: Urban Strategies for the 1990s. Publication
1972-73 Final Report on a Service Learning Corps Project on Urban Renewal. Publication
Neighborhood Home Improvement Loan Fund Handbook. Publication
Citizen Participation in Minneapolis. Publication
Atlas of Minnesota, Social and Economic Characteristics of the North Star State. population,2nd edition. Publication
Thomas-Dale District 7 Planning Council Area Plan. Publication
Hennepin Avenue Task Force. Background Report for Martin and Pitz Consultant Team. Publication
CURA Reporter, Spring 2008 issue. Publication
Regional Growth and Housing Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Preferences in Dwelling Design: An Evaluation of the Minneapolis/Saint Paul Family Housing Program. Publication
Fiscal Impacts of the St. Paul Houses to Homes Program. Publication
2001 Minnesota State Survey--Part II: Results and Technical Report. Publication
American Indians in Minneapolis. City Watch No. 5. Publication
Costs of Regulation: Home Builders, Developers and the Maze of Government Review. Publication
Minnesota Housing Partnership Report. Publication
Residential Segregation - Stumbling Block or Stepping Stone? A Case Study on the Mexican Population of the West Side of St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. Publication
Rental Housing in Minnesota, 1990. The Effect of Property Taxes on Rental Housing. Publication
Tracking Impacts of Welfare Reform in the Phillips Neighborhood: Food Shelves, Child Care, and Housing. Publication
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