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Inventory and Assessment of Natural Resources in Crow Wing County: A Framework for Conservation and Recreation Planning. Publication
West Side Community Environmental Inventory. Publication
Business Analysis of the Midtown Lake Street Commercial Corridor in South Minneapolis. Publication
Major Forest Types - Minnesota 1977 Inventory. Publication
Inventory of Higher Education Programs in State and Federal Penal Institutions During the 1972-73 Academic Year. Publication
Research on Aging, University of Minnesota 1980-1985. Publication
Duluth Open Space Initiative Organizational Goals and Action Steps. Publication
Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association Node Study. Publication
Report on Youth Activities and Employment. Publication
Inventory of Public Policy Research Related to Greater Minnesota: Results of a Survey of University of Minnesota Faculty. Publication
Growing Energy Crops on Minnesota's Wetlands: The Land Use Perspective. Publication
Twin Cities Conversions. The Complete Inventory: 1970-1980. Publication
Highway 29 North Shore Asset Inventory. Publication
Strategies of Economic Development: East Side Neighborhood Development Company. Publication
Upper Mississippi River Industrial Corridor Report. Publication
Statewide Parcel Map Inventory. Publication
Mississippi River Environmental Data Inventory Project. Research Report I: A Computer Database Keyword Search of the Literature. Publication
Research on Aging, University of Minnesota 1986-1990. Publication
East Seventh: A Cosmopolitan Corridor. Publication
North End Rental Census. Publication
West Central Minnesota Recreational Trails Inventory. Publication
Inventory of Existing and Proposed Programs of Higher Education in Minnesota's Correctional Institutions. Publication
Environmental Research at the University of Minnesota: An Inventory of Research Related to Public Policy, 1990-1992. Publication
Inventory of the Twin Cities' Affordable Housing Research Needs. Publication
New York Mills Sculpture Garden. Publication
Creating a Housing Database for the East Side Neighborhood of St. Paul, Minnesota. Publication
Downtown Saint Paul Retail/Commercial Inventory. Publication
1988 Minnesota Inventory of Computer Mapping Systems: Software, Applications, Graphic Data Files & Expertise. Publication
Mississippi River Environmental Data Inventory Project. Research Report II: Comprehensive River Planning Documents from the United States and Canada. Publication
Municipal Housing Policy in Minnesota. Publication
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