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Minnesota Land Management Information System Ten Years Later. Publication
Arrowhead Region Data Manual. Manual No. 3030. Publication
Lent Township Rural Transit Center. Publication
Dilemma on the Duschee. Publication
Southeast Minnesota Resource Mapping Survey. Publication
Traffic Literature Review: Congestion and Quality of Intersections. Publication
Choices for the Future of the Hiawatha Valley. Publication
Reusing Brownfields: Obstacles and Opportunities for Inner-Ring Suburbs. Publication
Critical Areas Legislation and Its Implementation in Minnesota. Draft. Publication
Corridor Study, Dassel, Minnesota. Publication
The Future of Our Farmland: An Agricultural Inventory for Scott County, Minnesota. Publication
Land for Development Adjoining Northern Minnesota's National Recreation Corridor, Report No. 2. Publication
Loring Park Neighborhood Boundary Study Adjustment Study. Publication
CURA Reporter. Fall 2006 Issue. Publication
Forest Lake Recreation and Open Space Issues. Publication
Minnesota Land Use and Cover: 1990s Census of the Land. (Map) Publication
City of Prior Lake Sustainability Implementation Plan. Publication
Proposed Resource Exploration and Analysis Program for Minnesota. Publication
Conservation Design Portfolio. Preserving Minnesota Landscapes through Creative Development. An Introduction. Publication
CURA Reporter. Fall 2007 Issue. Publication
Communities by Design: A Process for Building a Sustainable Future. Publication
Response: Protecting Agriculture vs. Preserving Prime Farmland. Publication
Affordable Housing Legacy of the 1976 Land Use Planning Act. Publication
Mississippi River Renaissance Corridor Landscape Regional Growth Management Framework Plan. Publication
GIS Based Wetland Assessment Methodology for Urban Watershed Planning. Publication
Application of ERTS-1 Imagery to Statewide Land Information System in Minnesota. Publication
CURA Reporter, Spring 2008 issue. Publication
Industry Square: Issues and Alternatives in Development. Publication
State of Minnesota Land Use (1969). Publication
St. Anthony West Housing Tenure and Density Project. Publication
Community Participation and Geographical Information Systems. Publication
CURA Reporter. Fall/Winter 2009 Issue. Publication
Contaminated Sites: Three Case Studies. Publication
Vacant Lands in Minneapolis and St. Paul: An Examination of the Urban Land Market in the Central City. Publication
All Wood Products Neighborhood Dispute Report. Publication
GIS in Dakota County: Benefits Add Up. Publication
The Fiscal Impact of Annexation on Laketown Township. Publication
Available Wetlands for Bioenergy Purposes - Land Use and Drainage Constraints. Publication
Will Farmland Survive the Farm Crisis? The Winona County Data. Publication
Johnson Street Business District Parking Study. Publication
Rising Tide of GIS in Minnesota. Publication
Changing Landownership and Land Use: Rural Landowners and the Exurbanization of the Rochester, Minnesota, SMSA. Publication
Woodland Cove Development Scenarios. Publication
University of Minnesota Pre-Habitat Conference. Publication
New Method of Monitoring Growth Explored in Wright County. Publication
Analysis of Impacts of Land Use Patterns on General Development Lakes in Rice County, Minnesota. Publication
CURA Reporter. September 2000 Issue. Publication
CURA Reporter. Summer 2006 Issue. Publication
Sellers and Nonsellers of Land for New Rural Housing. Publication
Land and Value in the Heart of the Upper Midwest. Publication
A Guide to Local Food System Planning for Scott County, Minnesota. Publication
Minnesota Land Use Laws: A Classification of State Powers. Report No. 5. Publication
Prairie Pot-Hole Landscape of South Heron Lake: Opportunities for Restoration and Development. Publication
CURA Reporter. Winter 2006 Issue. Publication
Coastal Area Impervious Surface Assessment. Publication
From Soybeans to Split-levels: Ex-urbanites in Wright and Olmsted Counties. Publication
Phalen Corridor Initiative Report: Summary of 1998 Neighborhood Visits. Publication
Land Conservation Summit 2000. Advancing the Debate in the New Millennium. Publication
Lake Sandy Restoration Feasibility Study (Phase I). Publication
Computer Applications in Land Use Mapping and the Minnesota Land Management Information System. Publication
Minnesota 3-D: Bringing Planning and Community Data Together Online. Publication
Visions of People, a Look at Imagination, Philosophies of the Land, and the Well-Being of People. Publication
Land and Value in the Heart of the Upper Midwest. Publication
Elliot Park Land Use Study. Publication
ERTS-1 Applications to Minnesota Land Use Mapping. Report No. 3. Publication
CURA Reporter. Fall/Winter 2008 Issue. Publication
Summary of Results: Survey of Winona County Farm Operators. Publication
Building Permits Monitor Development and Land Use Change in Wright County. Publication
How to Build a Community GIS - The MNIS Handbook. Publication
Managing Natural Resource Data: Minnesota Land Management Information System. Innovations/transfer - New Approaches by the States. Publication
Identifying County Land Conservation Priorities/Recreation Opportunities. Publication
Guidebook for Lake Associations: How Lakes Work, Lake Association Organization, Problem Solving. Publication
Owners of Private Forest Lands in Minnesota. Publication
The Mother of All Maps. Publication
1997-1999 Guide to Courses in GIS and Land-Related Studies on the Twin Cities Campus, University of Minnesota. Publication
Land Use: Trends and Policies in the Upper Midwest. Publication
Dayton Mississippi River Trail. Publication
Deepening Dilemmas on the Duschee. Publication
Leech Lake Reservation Community Survey: Transportation Report. Publication
Hennepin Avenue Task Force. Background Report for Martin and Pitz Consultant Team. Publication
National Land Parcel Data: A Vision for the Future. Publication
Twenty-Five Years of Planning for Low- and Moderate-Income Housing in the Twin Cities: The Legacy of the 1976 Land Use Planning Act. Publication
Residential Land Development Regulation in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Regional Farmland Protection: The Twin Cities Experience. Publication
Agricultural Preservation Precedent Studies Publication
State of Minnesota Land Use, Development Region 2 (1969). Publication
Barge Channel Road Industrial Area: Redevelopment for a Sustainable Community. Publication
Changing Landscapes in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Planning for the Future of Linwood Township's Land Use Pattern and Open Space System: Three Case Studies. Publication
Minnesota: 1985. Publication
City of Forest Lake Sustainability Action Plan. Publication
Comparative Analysis of the Land Use Laws of Minnesota and Selected Other States. Publication
Major Forest Types - Minnesota 1977 Inventory. Publication
Land Management Information in Northwest Minnesota. The Beginning of a Statewide System. Publication
Town and Gown: The Impact of the University of Minnesota on Adjacent Publication
Land Use Practices: Exclusionary Zoning, De Facto or De Jure. An Examination of the Practices of Ten Suburban Communities in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Preliminary Draft. Publication
New Homes in the Countryside: Prime Farmland for Residential Development? Publication
2003 Guide to Courses in GIS and Land-Related Studies on the Twin Cities Campus, University of Minnesota. Publication
Guide for Buying . . . Lakeshore. Publication
Proposed MLMIS Systems Development Plan. Publication
Work and Home Location: Exploring the Possible Role of Social Networks. Publication
Minnesotans in Nature: Trends and Prospects. Publication
Public Control of Privately-Owned Land: Approaching Land Use From the Legal Perspective. Publication
Comprehensive Parking Study of University and Raymond Avenues, St. Paul. Publication
Statewide Parcel Map Inventory. Publication
Template for a Toolkit: Community Growth Options for Peripheral Communities. Publication
Working in a World Dominated by Humans: Theory and Practice of Landscape Ecology. Publication
Real Property Value in the Heart of the Upper Midwest. Publication
Ryan Lake Trail Concept Plan. Publication
Mapping Twin Cities, Minnesota Metropolitan Area Land Use with ERTS-1 Imagery. Wall Map, Twin Cities Metropolitan Area Land Use, 1974. Publication
Mayer Minnesota--A Rising Community: Downtown Design Guidelines. Publication
Growing Energy Crops on Minnesota's Wetlands: The Land Use Perspective. Publication
Reusing the Arsenal: How the University was Involved in the Planning Process. Publication
Shingle Creek Elementary Re-use Options: A Feasibility Study and Impact Analysis. Publication
GIS in Dakota County. The Growth and Use of a Geographic Information System throughout a Local Jurisdiction. Publication
Visual Master Plan, Carver, Minnesota. Publication
Hassan Area Historic Preservation. Publication
Branch/North Branch Consolidation Study Commission Report, Regarding the Consolidation of the Cities of Branch and North Branch, Minnesota. Final Report, April 26, 1994. Publication
Big Stone County Draft Comprehensive Plan. Publication
CURA Reporter. October 2001 Issue. Publication
Community Benefits Agreements in Minneapolis Neighborhood Planning: The Harrison Neighborhood and Redevelopment of the Bassett Creek Valley. Publication
Protection Guidelines for a Nature Trail. Publication
Residential Cluster Development: Fact Sheet Series. (1) Overview of Key Issues, (2) Alternative Treatment Systems, (3) Storm Water Management, and (4) Management Options. Publication
Louisville Township Community Trails Plan and Development Project. Publication
Perspective on Minnesota Land Use--1974 Report No. 6. Publication
Wetland Park. Publication
Potential Impacts of Bus Rapid Transit on the West Broadway Neighborhood. Publication
Question of Balance: Managing Growth and the Environment. Publication
Selling the Land: Rural Land for Urban Use? Publication
Phalen Corridor Initiative Report: Summary of Working Group Meetings. Publication
Quality of Life and a Sense of Place in Southeast Minnesota. Publication
Identifying and Interpreting Contemporary Wild Rice Habitat in Ceded Chippewa Lands of Northern Minnesota. Publication
Test Using System 2000 with MLMIS Data. Publication
Community Growth Options: Helping Communities Address Development Challenges. Publication
Minneapolis-St. Paul: People, Place, and Public Life. Publication
Minnesota Land Use and Settlement 1985. Publication
Harrison Glenwood Avenue Planning. Publication
Guide to Courses in GIS and Land-Related Studies on the Twin Cities Campus, University of Minnesota. Publication
Coping with Climate Change: Conservation Planning in Minnesota. Publication
Contaminated Sites Strategic Plan: City of Minneapolis. Publication
What's Happening to Farmland in Minnesota? Publication
Runaway Train? Federal Preemption of State and Local Laws. Publication
Land and Geographic Information Systems in Victoria. Publication
Carver County Baby Boomer Readiness Assessment Tools. Publication
Deadlock on Hazardous Waste. Publication
Lost Lake Reconsidered. Publication
Bottineau Neighborhood Housing Inventory and Analysis. Publication
Rising Tide of GIS. Publication
Decline of the Frontier: Change Agents and Citizen Intervention in Land Use Decision Making. Publication
Hassan Open Space Preserves. Publication
Minnesota's Shorelands. Publication
Roads, Rails and Urban Change Publication
Landowner Meetings ラ Final Report. Publication
Is the Twin Cities 'Permanent Rural' Area Truly Permanent?: A Case Study on the Rural-Urban Edge. Publication
CURA Reporter. Summer 2002 Issue. Publication
Locational Decision-Making in Suburban Residential Development. Publication
Minnesota Farmers Survey. Publication
Scott County Prime Farmland Mapping Project. Publication
State of Minnesota Land Use, Development Region 9 (1969). Publication
Future Fit of Industry in St. Paul. Report to the City of St. Paul's Department of Planning and Economic Development. Publication
A New Twin Cities: The Shape of Things to Come. Publication
City of Henderson: Land Use Alternatives. Publication
Census of the Land: The Minnesota Land Use Map. Publication
City of Montrose Highway 12 Redevelopment Plan - Exhibit I: Design Standards Publication
Land Cover Change in the Mesabi Iron Range 1969-75. Publication
Land Use Constraints on Wetland Biomass Development: A Case Study in Aitkin County Minnesota. Publication
MLMIS Data Collection Procedure Manual. Publication
CURA Reporter. Winter 2007 Issue. Publication
Land Use Practices: Exclusionary Zoning, de Facto or de Jure? An Examination of the Practices of Ten Suburban Communities in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Rising Tide of GIS. Publication
Framework for Measuring Sustainable Regional Development for the Twin Cities Region. Final Report. Publication
Itasca County Data Manual. Manual No. 3001A-1975. Publication
Proposed MLMIS Systems Development Plan--Executive Summary. Publication
Assessment of Local Governments' Capacity to Conserve Open Space and Natural Areas in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Anatomy of Selected Minnesota Environmental Systems. A Selection of Background Maps for the Industry Education Conference. Publication
State Land Use Criteria: A Collection of Papers. Publication
Evaluating Redevelopment on Lyndale. Publication
Management of Hydrographic Features in West Central Minnesota From ERTS-1 Imagery. Publication
Duluth Open Space Initiative Organizational Goals and Action Steps. Publication
Water Quality and Land Use Relationships in the St. Louis Bay Area of Concern: A Study of Three Urban Watersheds in Duluth, Minnesota. Publication
Geographic Patterns. Minnesota's Changing Agricultural Land. Publication
Thomas-Dale District 7 Planning Council Area Plan. Publication
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