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Family View of Mobility Among Low-Income Children. Publication
Minnesota Land Use Laws: A Classification of State Powers. Report No. 5. Publication
Predictors of Success at Leaving the Minnesota Family Investment Program. Publication
Road to Common Cause: The Threatened State of Tribal Sovereignty. Forum Report, May 30-31, 1996. Publication
Automobile Recycling Alternatives: Why Not? A Look at the Possibilities for Greener car Recycling. Publication
Call to Serve: The Impact of Welfare Reform on the Constituency of the Minneapolis Urban League. Publication
Water Quality and Land Use Relationships in the St. Louis Bay Area of Concern: A Study of Three Urban Watersheds in Duluth, Minnesota. Publication
Testimony Prepared by Esther Wattenberg on the Downey/Hyde Child Support Enforcement and Assistance Proposal, House Committee on Ways and Means, Subcommittee on Human Resources, July 1, 1992. Publication
Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice in the City of Minneapolis. Publication
CURA Reporter. April 1999 Issue. Publication
Public Control of Privately-Owned Land: Approaching Land Use From the Legal Perspective. Publication
CURA Reporter. Fall 2003 Issue. Publication
Critical Areas Legislation and Its Implementation in Minnesota. Draft. Publication
Guide to Small-Scale Wind Energy Publication
Adolescent Childbearing and Prevention Strategies: A Battleground for Testing the Limits of Government Intervention. Publication
Unlawful Detainer Court Study. State of Minnesota, Hennepin County, Fourth Judicial District Court, First Division, Minneapolis. Publication
Losing Ground: The Twin Cities Livable Communities Act and Affordable Housing. Publication
Comparative Analysis of the Land Use Laws of Minnesota and Selected Other States. Publication
Twenty-Five Years of Planning for Low- and Moderate-Income Housing in the Twin Cities: The Legacy of the 1976 Land Use Planning Act. Publication
Billboards in Our Community. Publication
Mandating Comparable Worth in Minnesota. Publication
Protecting Minnesota's Ground Water. Publication
Children Having Children: The Crisis and Minnesota's Response. Publication
When the Poor Face Housing Court. Publication
CURA Reporter. December 2000 Issue. Publication
Immigration in Minnesota. Challenges and Opportunities. Publication
Consequences of Minnesota Child Support Guidelines for Children of Divorced Parents. Publication
Minnesota Response to AIDS. Publication
Alternatives to Roadside Spraying: A Citizen's Guide. Publication
Mandatory Case Planning for Minnesota Minor Mothers and Their Children. A Report on Implementing Minnesota Statutes 1988, Section 257.33. Publication
Unlawful Detainer Court Study. State of Minnesota, Hennepin County, Fourth Judicial District Court, First Division, Minneapolis. Publication
Where Do Minnesota Policy Ideas Come From? Publication
Preliminary Investigation of Submerged Lands Management in Minnesota. Publication
CURA Reporter. Summer 2002 Issue. Publication
Sovereignty: The Heart of the Matter. Critical Consideration on the Interface between the Indian Child Welfare Act and Adoption and Safe Families Act. A summary of proceedings of the conference held May 17, 2000, University of Minnesota. Publication
After the Governor's Line Item Veto. Publication
Growth of Occupational Licensing: Are We Protecting Consumers? Publication
Children of the State: Children in the Child Welfare System, Minnesota. Executive Summary. Publication
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