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CURA Reporter. Summer 2006 Issue. Publication
Summary of Neighborhood Housing Programs Submitted to the Field-Regina-Northrop Neighborhood Revitalization Project. Publication
CLCLT [City of Lakes Community Land Trust] Homebuyer Initiated Program Concept Development Publication
Evaluation of the McKnight Low Income Single Parent Loan Program: Second Year. Publication
Minnesota's Economic Recovery Fund: Positive Results, Room for Improvement. Publication
Family Housing Fund Annual Report 1996. Publication
HOMELink Hmong Program Evaluation. Publication
Southside Child Care Collaborative: Recommended Funding Schema. Publication
Discrimination in St. Paul's Financial Services. Publication
Impact of Branch Banking Commercial Credit in Nonmetropolitan Areas. Publication
Struggling for Self-Sufficiency on Low Wages. Report of a Conference to Discuss Problems of Low-Income, Working Single Parents. Publication
The Geography of Participation in Neighborhood Revitalization Program Home Improvement Programs and Multifamily Construction Projects. Publication
Neighborhood Home Improvement Loan Fund Handbook. Publication
Affordable Housing Development for Asian Americans. Publication
Credit Rationing in Non-Metropolitan Markets for Small Business Loans. Publication
Community Reinvestment in the City of St. Paul: Are Residents and Businesses Receiving the Financial Services They Need? Publication
Hmong Community Development Program. Publication
Whittier Homeownership Center Targeting Project. Publication
Cleveland Neighborhood Revitalization Program Evaluation. Publication
Evaluation of the McKnight Low-Income Single Parent Loan Program. Publication
Loans to Business to Encourage Rural Economic Development. Publication
Illusion of Self-Sufficiency: Realities for Working, Single Parent Families. Publication
Employer-Assisted Home Ownership. Publication
Micro Venture Capital: A Feasibility Study. Publication
When Government Intervenes to Assist Small Business. Publication
Tax Incentives and Public Loans and Subsidies: What Difference Do They Make in Nonmetropolitan Economic Development? Publication
Strategies for Economic Development. Publication
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