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Site-wide content categorized under “Longfellow neighborhood”

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CURA Reporter. Summer 2004 Issue. Publication
Longfellow Buckthorn Busters Project. Publication
Light Rail Transit Resource Guide. Publication
Community Housing Review: Greater Longfellow Community 2002. Publication
Longfellow Community Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Senior Age Population and Household Size in Longfellow. Publication
Longfellow Dynamic Volunteer Map. Publication
An Analysis of the Population and Housing Characteristics of Longfellow Neighborhood and Recommendations to Inform the Development of a Housing Strategy. Publication
Longfellow Community Population and Housing Characteristics, 1940-2000. Publication
Neighborhood Planning and GIS: Case Studies from the Minneapolis Neighborhood Information System. Publication
Longfellow, Powderhorn Park and Whittier Lake Street Planning Project. Publication
Discerning Where They Are: Understanding Current Housing Trends and Related Internal Processes of Six Minneapolis Neighborhood Organizations. Publication
46th Street Light Rail Traffic Issues in Minneapolis, A Research and Participatory Study. Publication
Longfellow Community Council Lead Exposure Risk Analysis. Publication
Longfellow Housing Need and Neighborhood Demographic. Publication
An Overview of School Issues in the Longfellow Neighborhood. Publication
Minnehaha Avenue Retail Market Analysis. Publication
38th Street and Hiawatha: Transit Oriented Development Potential along the Light Rail. Publication
Seward Longfellow Greenway Planning. Publication
LRT, Development and Neighborhood Planning: A Summary of Planning Efforts along the Future Hiawatha LRT Line Publication
Multi-Family Rental Housing Review Greater Longfellow 2005. Publication
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