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Life at Riverview Tower. A Report on a Survey of Residents of Riverview Tower, Made in March 1986. Publication
Welfare Reform: Impact on Families in Summit-University. 'The Facts and the Families' and 'The Changes and the Challenges.' Publication
Neighborhood Livability in Minneapolis: Three Studies. The Criminal Justice System in Hennepin County: Analysis and Recommendations for Action, Livability in Minneapolis Neighborhoods: An Examination of Problem Rental Property, and Community-Oriented… Publication
Telling Stories and Creating Jobs: Community Arts as a Tool for Social Change. Publication
Bibliography of Historical Resources for Northeast Minneapolis. Publication
Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood Environmental Profile. Publication
New Breed of Planners. Publication
Expanding Opportunities for Single Parents through Housing. Guidelines for New and Existing Housing and Neighborhoods that Meet the Needs of Single-Parent Families. Publication
Micro Venture Capital: A Feasibility Study. Publication
Information Technologies in Neighborhood Organizing: Learning from a Minneapolis Neighborhood. Publication
Neighborhoods and Citizen Participation. A Search for an Effective Model. Publication
A Guide to Neighborhood Assessment: A Student Workbook. Publication
Neighborhood Transportation Planning Issues and Strategies in the Linden Hills Neighborhood. Publication
Minneapolis Neighborhoods and St. Paul Planning Districts. Publication
Phillips Neighborhood: Information and Resource Directory. Publication
Examination of Beltrami Youth and Senior Activities. Publication
The Geography of Participation in Neighborhood Revitalization Program Home Improvement Programs and Multifamily Construction Projects. Publication
Neighborhood Revitalization for Whom? Publication
Implementation Study of the Stevens Square-Loring Heights Common Social Services Plan. Publication
Bridging Two Worlds: NPCR Program Evaluation Final Report for the First Three Years, 1993-94 to 1995-96. Publication
Design Thinking for Neighborhood Identities [poster]. Publication
Fiscal Impacts of the St. Paul Houses to Homes Program. Publication
Hale School Renovation and Expansion. Final Report. Publication
Stevens Square Community Organization: An NRP Retrospective. Publication
CURA Reporter, Spring 2008 issue. Publication
Plymouth Avenue Shopping Center. Publication
Evaluation of the Community, Families, and Children Initiative 'American Indian Capacity-Building in Select Neighborhoods of St. Paul'. Publication
Primer for Developing a Community-Based Restorative Justice Model. Publication
Westminster Place Barter Connection. Publication
Artists' Centers: Evolution and Impact on Careers, Neighborhoods, and Economies. Publication
Summary Report on the Bus Mediation Program at Olson Contemporary School. Publication
Revitalization of St. Paul's Historic Ramsey Hill Neighborhood: The Adoption of a Housing Style. Publication
Cedar Riverside NRP Directory. Publication
Develop and Analyzing the Neighborhood Early Warning System in Hamline-Midway. Publication
There Goes the Neighborhood? The Impact of Subsidized Multi-Family Housing on Urban Neighborhoods. Publication
Long Term Vacancy and Residential Abandonment in Minneapolis. Publication
Where We Live. The Residential Districts of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Publication
Neighborhood Satisfaction Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Piecing It All Together: A Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of HOME Link. Publication
Crime Prevention through Environmental Design: Central Avenue Project. Publication
Lake Street Business Profile for the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association and the Lake Street Task Force. Publication
Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice in the City of Minneapolis. Publication
Housing Satisfaction of Elderly Residents of Government Subsidized Housing in Duluth: A Summary of Data. Technical Report #1. Publication
St. Paul's North End Community: A Report on Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Redevelopment. Publication
Bridging Two Worlds: Neighborhood Planning for Community Revitalization. Publication
Twin Cities Community Garden Resource Guide. Publication
Manual For Preserving The Records Of Neighborhood Organizations. Publication
Linden Hills Library Community Survey: Final Report. Publication
American Indians in Minneapolis. City Watch No. 5. Publication
Legacy of Minneapolis: Preservation Amid Change. Publication
Comprehensive Parking Study of University and Raymond Avenues, St. Paul. Publication
CURA Reporter. Summer 2006 Issue. Publication
Neighborhood Planning for Community Revitalization. Annual Report: Year One. Publication
Northeast Minneapolis Central Avenue Commercial Corridor: Business Survey Report. Publication
Bicycles in Audubon Park. Publication
Design Thinking and Minnetonka's Future Publication
Current Data about North American Cities. . .Score: Canada 10, USA 5. Publication
Housing Early Warning System Feasibility in the Hamline Midway Area. Publication
Oromo Community Engagement in the Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood. Publication
Poverty is the Barrier. Publication
Loring Park Neighborhood Boundary Study Adjustment Study. Publication
Stop Night Noise! Building Neighborhood Capacity and Power. Publication
Central Avenue Parking Inventory: A Part of the Central Avenue Plan. Publication
Buying a Home with Contract for Deed: What You Should Know First. Publication
Neighborhood Responses to the Foreclosure Crisis. Publication
NETS for the Unemployed in Minneapolis. Publication
Residential Land Development Regulation in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Diamond Lake: An Analysis of an Urban Wetland and Projections for the Future. Publication
Assessment of Restorative Justice Outcomes. Publication
Moving Forward Together: U of M Minneapolis Area Neighborhood Impact Report - Appendices. Publication
Empty Promises for Small Area Data: Monitoring Our Neighborhoods Using Operational Records. Publication
Relationship between Housing Renovation and Population Change in St. Paul's Historic Ramsey Hill Area. Publication
Minority Population Distribution Trends in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Where Do We Go from Here? An Analysis of Trends in the Stevens Square-Loring Heights Neighborhood. Publication
Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association: Neighborhood Revitalization Program--First Step Action Plan Evaluation. Publication
American Indian Capacity Building in St. Paul, Minnesota. Publication
Analysis of the Elliot Twins-Augustana Home Demonstration. A Report to the MPHA Commissioners. Publication
Life at Riverview Tower. A Report on a Survey of Residents of Riverview Tower, Made in March 1986. Publication
Ecology and Geology of the Mississippi River Gorge. Publication
Neighborhood Organizations on the Internet. Publication
Northside Cultural Arts Feasibility Study. Publication
How to Record the Oral History of Your Neighborhood. Publication
Summary of Neighborhood Housing Programs Submitted to the Field-Regina-Northrop Neighborhood Revitalization Project. Publication
Changing Populations in an Urban Renewal Area. Publication
Report on the Minneapolis Citizen's Advisory Committee on Community Development: The Characteristics of the Elected and Appointed Officials. Publication
Exploring School-to-Work Programs and School/Work/Community Partnerships on St. Paul's West Side. Publication
CURA Reporter. December 2000 Issue. Publication
Whittier: A Revitalization Effort in the Inner City. Publication
Providing Support for an Innovative Neighborhood Economic Development Strategy: Report on a Survey of the Needs of Homebased Business in the Marcy-Holmes Neighborhood. Publication
Single Parents Building Community in the Corcoran Neighborhood. Publication
Twin Cities Neighborhood Maps. Publication
Neighborhood Revitalization Seminar Series, Final Report. Publication
Housing the Whittier Neighborhood. Publication
CURA Reporter. Fall 2007 Issue. Publication
The University Neighborhood Network: Linking Neighborhood-Based Organization, Faculty, and Students in Research Partnerships. Publication
Are Communities the Problem or the Solution for High-Risk Families and Children? Publication
Implementing the Stevens Square-Loring Heights Common Social Services Plan: An Examination of the NiCo Employment Project. Publication
Minnetonka Neighborhood Identities. Publication
Automobile Recycling Alternatives: Why Not? A Look at the Possibilities for Greener car Recycling. Publication
Hale-Page-Diamond Lake: A Neighborhood History for Today. Publication
Logan Park and St. Anthony East Community Health Program: Needs and Expectations for a Healthy Community. Publication
CURA Launches Neighborhood Partnership Initiative. Publication
Community Reinvestment in the City of St. Paul: Are Residents and Businesses Receiving the Financial Services They Need? Publication
Role of the University of Minnesota in the Development of Glendale University Community College. Publication
Saint Paul District 10 Business Survey. Publication
Buckthrorn Problem. Publication
Building Community: The First Five Years of NPCR. Publication
Preliminary Feasibility Study of Hot Water District Heating System Expansion in St. Paul, Minnesota. Publication
Minneapolis Native American Housing Survey: Technical Report. Publication
What Twelve to Fifteen Year-Olds Want: A Reference for After School Youth Programmers. Publication
Hamline-University Rental Profile. Publication
Home Improvement through NRP: An Analysis of the Distribution of Funds for Single-Family Home Improvement Projects. Publication
Neighborhood Renovation and Residential Choice in Seward West: A Survey of Current and Former Residents. Publication
Past Choices/Present Landscapes: The Impact of Urban Renewal on the Twin Cities. Publication
Logan Park Survey: Methods, Procedures and Codebook. Technical Report 87-7. Publication
Planning for the Future of the Summit-University Neighborhood. Publication
35W/Lake Street Access Project: Study of Transportation Planning Through a Public/Private Partnership Process. Publication
Whittier Homeownership Center Targeting Project. Publication
There Goes The Neighborhood? Subsidized Housing in Urban Neighborhoods. Publication
Housing Satisfaction of Elderly Residents of Government Subsidized Housing in Duluth: Breakdown of Data by Housing Unit. Technical Report #2. Publication
Elliot Park Jobs Project. An Examination into Training Opportunities and Employment Possibilities within the Elliot Park Neighborhood. Publication
Linking Neighborhoods with Academic Classrooms. Publication
Renovation on the Hill. Publication
Midtown Greenway Zoning Overlay District Evaluation. Publication
Columbia Park Environmental Profile. Publication
Neighborhood Shopping Center in North Minneapolis: An Economic Analysis. Publication
Residents Speak: Report of the Summit-University Needs Appraisal Project. Publication
Connecting Neighborhoods: The 22nd Avenue Northeast Greenway. Publication
Community Benefits Agreements in Minneapolis Neighborhood Planning: The Harrison Neighborhood and Redevelopment of the Bassett Creek Valley. Publication
Neighborhoods and City Hall in St. Paul and Minneapolis. Publication
Southeast Industrial Area Economic Development Study: Phase I and Phase II. Publication
Handbook for Navigating through the Minneapolis Commercial Corridor Process. Publication
Design Thinking for Neighborhood Identities 2. Publication
Frogtown Action Alliance Comprehensive Neighborhood Action Plan: An Evaluation for the McKnight Foundation. Publication
Seward Neighborhood and Community Oriented Policing (COP): Comparison to Best Practices. Publication
CURA Reporter. Winter 2007 Issue. Publication
Neighborhood Employment Network Client Survey. Publication
Barge Channel Road Industrial Area: Redevelopment for a Sustainable Community. Publication
Manual: How to Conduct a Home-Based Business Survey for Twin Cities' Neighborhoods. Publication
Commercial Activities in Dayton's Bluff/District 4: A Business Profile for the Dayton's Bluff Community Council. Publication
St. Paul Community Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Publication
Update on CURA's Neighborhood Partnership Initiative. Publication
Geography of Consumer Demand: Gasoline Retailing in St. Cloud. Publication
Assessing Neighborhood Health and Social Needs: The People's Center Re-examines Its Constituency in Cedar-Riverside. Publication
Transit Utilization in the East Harriet Neighborhood. Publication
Community Oriented Policing Evaluation of the Seward Neighborhood. Publication
Development and Implementation of GIS at East Side Neighborhood Development Company. Publication
1972-73 Final Report on a Service Learning Corps Project on Urban Renewal. Publication
Changing Populations in Merriam Park, Saint Paul. Publication
Longfellow Community Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Working through Language Barriers. Publication
North End Rental Census. Publication
Home Based Business Survey for the Field Regina Northrop Neighborhood. Publication
Public Housing Highrise Social Service Pilot Evaluation. Publication
Discrimination in St. Paul's Financial Services. Publication
Whittier Works Business Survey. Publication
CURA Reporter. April 1998 Issue. Publication
View from Dayton's Bluff, The: Historical Analysis and Observations. Publication
Efforts and Solutions Concerning Problems Unique to Campus Communities and Recommendation for Action. Publication
Neighborhood Home Improvement Loan Fund Handbook. Publication
Minnesota Indian in Minneapolis. Publication
Study of St. Paul's Rehabilitation Program. Part I: Conclusions and Recommendations. Part II: Issues and Attitudes. Part III: ITA Reports. Publication
38th Street Market Study. Publication
Remaking Public Housing in Duluth . Publication
Community Involvement in the Whittier Neighborhood: An Analysis of Neighborhood Conditions and Neighborhood Change. Publication
Hennepin Avenue Task Force. Background Report for Martin and Pitz Consultant Team. Publication
Survey of Home-Based Businesses in the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood. Publication
CURA Reporter Summer 2012 Publication
Minneapolis-St. Paul: People, Place, and Public Life. Publication
Billboards in Our Community. Publication
Town and Gown: The Impact of the University of Minnesota on Adjacent Publication
Analysis of the First Source Program in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Publication
Proposal for Creation of a Housing Partnership in the Stevens Square Community. Publication
Restorative Justice in the Context of Community: An Analysis for the Central City Neighborhoods Partnership. Publication
Minnetonka Neighborhood Identities. [poster] Publication
Stevens Square-Loring Heights: A Community Defined. Publication
Personnel and Organization Management Manual for Minneapolis Neighborhood Organizers. Publication
Nokomis East Neighborhood Social Programming Research and Bossen Community Survey. Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring/Summer 2009 Issue. Publication
Northeast Minneapolis: Have Jobs Declined? Publication
Wetland Park. Publication
MCDA and Single-Family Housing Development in Minneapolis: Report to the United Neighborhoods Coalition. Publication
Community Planning Catalyst for Merriam Park and Snelling Hamline. Publication
Moving Forward Together: U of M Minneapolis Area Neighborhood Impact Report. Publication
Relating to Reality in the Related Arts. Publication
Population Change Due to Housing Renovation in St. Paul's Ramsey Hill Area. Publication
Old Problems in New Times: Urban Strategies for the 1990s. Publication
NPCR Program Evaluation and Summary Project: Years One to Four (1993-1997). Publication
Guide to Establishing a Historical Document Survey Project. Publication
Framework for Measuring Sustainable Regional Development for the Twin Cities Region. Final Report. Publication
Subsidized Housing Data Base for Minneapolis and St. Paul. (Minneapolis-Saint Paul Family Housing Fund Sponsored Project). Publication
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