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American Indians on the East Side of St Paul. Publication
Public College Enrollment in Minnesota's Changing Population Pattern 1970-85. Publication
CommUniversity Collaborative Compact. University of Minnesota, Morris. Final Report. Publication
Learning about Collaboration: A Community-Classroom Partnership between the East Side Work Resource Hub and the Humphrey Institute. Publication
Junior High Indian Children in Minneapolis: A Study of One Problem School. Publication
Chronic School Absenteeism: A Growing Problem. Findings and Recommendations From the Truancy Work Committee of Hennepin County. Publication
Would Reductions in Class Size Raise Minnesota Students' Test Scores? Evidence from Minnesota's Elementary Schools. Publication
National Study of American Indian Education Research Reports. Vol. V. the Education of Indian Children and Youth. Summary Report and Recommendations. Publication
Campus Child Care: The State of the Art. Results of a Selective National Survey. Publication
Alienation, Commitment, and Indifference of Minneapolis Junior High School Indian Students: A Second Problem School Report. Publication
Redefining Academic Rigor: Documentary Film Making in the New English/Language Arts Classroom. Publication
Alien Students, Alien Staff: How Awesome the Gap in Higher Education. Publication
Hmong Youth in St. Paul's Public Schools. Publication
Status Report on the Achievement Plus Initiative at Dayton's Bluff Elementary. Publication
Osseo Magnet School Parent Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Minneapolis Public Schools Spending and Population Relationships. Publication
Perceptions of Social Problems and Aspirations of Swedish Iron Range Youth. Publication
A Report to the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs by Southeast Minneapolis Council on Learning. Publication
Learning by Doing: Implementing Community Service-based Learning. Publication
Voices from Home: How Diverse Families Support Children's Learning in Similar Ways. Publication
Community Classroom: How Student Involvement in Community Design Projects has Evolved at the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs. Publication
Minnesota K-12 Education: The Current Debate, The Present Condition. Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring 2006 Issue. Publication
Menominee Parents and the Education of Menominee Children. Publication
Training in Co-op Development. Publication
Student Housing Survey. Publication
Expanding Educational Opportunity Through School and Housing Choice. Publication
Minnesota Hispanic Education Program Parental Involvement Survey: Project Update, August 1994. Publication
HAP (Hmong American Partnership) Evaluation Status Report. Publication
Assessment of the East Side Community Outreach Partnership Center. Publication
Anoka Hennepin Magnet School Parent Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Feasibility Analysis of an American Indian Multi-Purpose Facility in East St Paul: Update of a Demographic Database for American Indians in the Twin Cities. Publication
East Metro Integration District Survey about Diversity: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Minnesota 3-D Analysis: University Rental Housing Study. Publication
CURA After 25 Years. Publication
CURA Reporter. January 2000 issue. Publication
Assessment of Interest in Youth Arts Programming. Publication
Upward Bound. Publication
CURA Reporter. Winter 2002 Issue. Publication
Language and Related Characteristics of 1968 Haskell Institute Students. Publication
Africa: One Continent, Many Worlds. Publication
CURA Reporter. Spring 2007 issue. Publication
Hispanic Education Career Fair Planning and Implementation Manual. Publication
Report on the Status of Child Care: Programs, Services and Needs at the Twin Cities Campus, University of Minnesota. Publication
Characteristics and Attitudes of 1968 Haskell Institute Students. Publication
CURA Reporter. Fall/Winter 2009 Issue. Publication
Collaborating for Change: New Directions for Meeting the Higher Education Needs of Urban American Indians. The Final Report for the American Indian Urban Higher Education Initiative Two-Year Research and Planning Phase. Publication
Survey of Harding High School's School-to-Career Program. Publication
University of Minnesota 1999 Applicant Survey: Technical Report. Publication
Kids Mobility Project. Publication
Elementary Check and Connect: A Retrospective Comparison Study and Time-Series Analysis. Publication
UNN: University Neighborhood Network. A Program of Neighborhood Planning for Community Revitalization. Publication
Summary Report on the Bus Mediation Program at Olson Contemporary School. Publication
CURA Reporter. February 2001 Issue. Publication
Formal Education of Menominee Children at the Middle School Level: Students. Publication
Targeted Subsidization of Postsecondary Education Enrollment in Minnesota: A Policy Evaluation. Publication
The Community Development Work Study Program: A Commitment to Change. Publication
Formal Education of Menominee Children at the High School Level: Students. Publication
Child Care at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities: A Preliminary Needs Assessment. Publication
Cooperative Student Family Living: A History and Census of the Como Student Community. Publication
Preparing Minnesota Teachers for Diverse Classrooms. Publication
Educational Achievement of the St. Paul Hmong. Publication
Students of Color in Minnesota's Colleges and Universities. Publication
School Mobility and Housing in the Dayton's Bluff Community. Publication
Anoka Hennepin Magnet School Teacher Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
2004 State of Students of Color: Building Alliances for Student Success. Publication
Comparative Survey of U.S. and Swedish Youth from Iron Mining Districts: Attitudes, Perceptions and Aspirations. Publication
Efforts and Solutions Concerning Problems Unique to Campus Communities and Recommendation for Action. Publication
CURA After 25 Years. Publication
Our Children's Songs: American Indian Students and the Schools. Publication
University Students as Community Partners. Publication
Student-Community Involvement. Publication
From Research to Action: Housing Mobility and Dayton's Bluff Achievement Plus Elementary School. Publication
Suburban School Children and American Indians: A Survey of Impressions. Publication
Looking at Public Education in Minnesota. Publication
Housing the University's Students. Publication
CURA Reporter. Summer 2007 Issue. Publication
Characteristics of Hispanic Students in Minnesota Public Schools and Post-Secondary Institutions: A Look at Demographics, Graduation, Attrition, Retention and Participation. Publication
Native American Students in Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas: A Selective Analysis of 1970 Census Data. Publication
Building Community: The First Five Years of NPCR. Publication
U-SEARCH: Fostering Environmental Stewardship at the University. Publication
Evaluation of the Dayton's Bluff Children's Stability Project, Year Two. Publication
Collaborative Rural Nurse Practitioner Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Communiversity Personnel Grants. Publication
Youth in the Iron Mining Districts of Minnesota and Sweden: Their Attitudes, Perceptions, and Aspirations. Publication
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