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2005 Twin Cities Area Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Assessing Transportation Needs on Indian Reservations. Final Report. Publication
Carpooling: An Overview with Annotated Bibliography. Publication
Catching Up: Bus Operations and Potential on the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Central Avenue Parking Study: Collaboration and CPTED in Practice. Publication
Coming: A New Era in Urban Transportation. Publication
CURA Reporter Fall/Winter 2011 Publication
CURA Reporter. Fall 2005 Issue. Publication
Demand Activated Transit. Publication
Development of Methods for Planning Automated Network-Cab Transport Systems. A Research Proposal to the Department of Transportation. Publication
Effect of Level of Service on Intercity Bus Ridership in Minnesota. Publication
Extraboard-Driver Workforce Planning for Bus Transit Operations Publication
Franklin Avenue Light Rail Transit Task Force. Publication
Household Lifestyles and Their Relationship to Land-Use and Transportation Planning Publication
Lent Township Rural Transit Center. Publication
Liveable Cities: Europe and America at Odds. Publication
MTC: What Is Its Responsibility? Publication
Neighborhood Transportation Planning Issues and Strategies in the Linden Hills Neighborhood. Publication
Nokomis Neighborhood Circulator Feasibility Study. Publication
Personal Rapid Transit II. Progress - Problems - Potential. Publication
Personal Rapid Transit, A Collection of Papers on a New Type of Urban Transportation. Publication
Planning for Personal Rapid Transit. Publication
Planning for Personal Rapid Transit: A Summary Report to the Minnesota State Legislature. Publication
Progress Reports on the Program in Urban Transportation, 1969-1973. Publication
Progress, Problems, & Potential. 1973 International Conference on Personal Rapid Transit. Publication
Reconnecting the Urban Landscape. Publication
Technology Assessment of Personal Rapid Transit: Interdisciplinary Analysis and Optimization of PRT in Terms of its Potential for Assisting in the Revitalization of Urban Society. Research Proposal to the National Science Foundation. Publication
Traffic Jam: Sic Transit. Publication
Transit Utilization in the East Harriet Neighborhood. Publication
Transitway Data Management Project. Publication
Transportation on Remote Indian Reservations. Publication
University `in-PUT.' Publication
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