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CURA Reporter. Fall 2005 Issue. Publication
Central Avenue Parking Study: Collaboration and CPTED in Practice. Publication
Assessing Transportation Needs on Indian Reservations. Final Report. Publication
Coming: A New Era in Urban Transportation. Publication
Progress, Problems, & Potential. 1973 International Conference on Personal Rapid Transit. Publication
Planning for Personal Rapid Transit: A Summary Report to the Minnesota State Legislature. Publication
CURA Reporter Fall/Winter 2011 Publication
Neighborhood Transportation Planning Issues and Strategies in the Linden Hills Neighborhood. Publication
Reconnecting the Urban Landscape. Publication
MTC: What Is Its Responsibility? Publication
Development of Methods for Planning Automated Network-Cab Transport Systems. A Research Proposal to the Department of Transportation. Publication
Planning for Personal Rapid Transit. Publication
Personal Rapid Transit, A Collection of Papers on a New Type of Urban Transportation. Publication
Household Lifestyles and Their Relationship to Land-Use and Transportation Planning Publication
Franklin Avenue Light Rail Transit Task Force. Publication
Liveable Cities: Europe and America at Odds. Publication
University `in-PUT.' Publication
Progress Reports on the Program in Urban Transportation, 1969-1973. Publication
Carpooling: An Overview with Annotated Bibliography. Publication
Extraboard-Driver Workforce Planning for Bus Transit Operations Publication
Transit Utilization in the East Harriet Neighborhood. Publication
Transitway Data Management Project. Publication
Traffic Jam: Sic Transit. Publication
Personal Rapid Transit II. Progress - Problems - Potential. Publication
Catching Up: Bus Operations and Potential on the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Publication
Transportation on Remote Indian Reservations. Publication
Lent Township Rural Transit Center. Publication
Nokomis Neighborhood Circulator Feasibility Study. Publication
2005 Twin Cities Area Survey: Results and Technical Report. Publication
Demand Activated Transit. Publication
Effect of Level of Service on Intercity Bus Ridership in Minnesota. Publication
Technology Assessment of Personal Rapid Transit: Interdisciplinary Analysis and Optimization of PRT in Terms of its Potential for Assisting in the Revitalization of Urban Society. Research Proposal to the National Science Foundation. Publication
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