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1999-2000 SAGE, the Self-Audit for Gender Equity: A Survey of Minnesota Law Firms. Publication
Are We Progressing Toward Equal Representation for Women in the Minnesota Legislature? New Evidence Offers Mixed Results. Publication
Characteristics of Poverty in Minnesota. Publication
Characteristics of Poverty: Incidence, Change, and Correlates. Fifth in the series, What the 1990 Census Says About Minnesota. Publication
CURA Reporter. Fall/Winter 2009 Issue. Publication
CURA Reporter. February 1998 Issue. Publication
CURA Reporter. September 1998 Issue. Publication
CURA Research Reports on Underrepresented Groups. Publication
Development of Physical Ability Tests for Police Officers: A Construct Validation Approach. Publication
Directory of Metropolitan Career Counseling Opportunities for Women - College and University Based, Community Based, Public Institutions, Resources for Counselors, Vocational Schools. Publication
Early Marriage in a Hmong Cohort. Publication
Evaluation of the McKnight Low Income Single Parent Loan Program: Second Year. Publication
Evaluation of the McKnight Low-Income Single Parent Loan Program. Publication
Exploring the Life Course: Transitions and Timing in a Hmong Cohort. Publication
Final Report of the Post-Croson Project. Publication
First Steps Curriculum and Job-Readiness Curriculum Outline. Publication
Formative Evaluation of 'Our House': Transitional Housing for Homeless Mentally Ill Women. Publication
Health Experiences of Women Used in Prostitution: Survey Findings and Recommendations. Publication
Health of Women in Prostitution. Publication
Hmong Textile Arts in the Schools: Hmong Textile Arts at Harding Senior High School. Publication
Illusion of Self-Sufficiency: Realities for Working, Single Parent Families. Publication
In A Different Light: A Feminist Perspective on the Role of Mothers in Father-Daughter Incest. Reprint. Publication
Individualism, Feminism and Social Change: A Study of Graduates of the Women's Institute for Social Change. Publication
Learned Helplessness: Some Observations of Women in the Labor Force and Their Implications for Social Work. Publication
Minnesota Mailing List for Equal Opportunity Announcements and Advertisements, 1997. Third edition. Publication
Minnesota Mailing List for Equal Opportunity Announcements and Advertisements, 2006. Fourth edition. Publication
Minnesota Mailing List for Equal Opportunity Announcements and Advertisements. Publication
Minnesota Mailing List for Equal Opportunity Announcements and Advertisements. Publication
Minnesota Philanthropic Support for the Disadvantaged, 1984. A report on who benefits from grantmaking. Publication
Minnesota Philanthropic Support for the Disadvantaged. Publication
Minnesota Rural Futures Survey Results. Publication
New Guidelines for Fighting Discrimination in Public Contracts. Publication
Pay Equity in Minnesota: State and Local Wage Policy Innovation. Publication
Philanthropy Project. 1986 Minnesota Foundations List. Publication
Primer: Understanding the Child Care Trilemma from an Economic Perspective. Publication
Profile of Earnings for Female-Headed Families. Publication
Profiles of the Twin Cities Poor. Report/Four. Living on AFDC: Many Families Cannot Afford Basic Necessities. Publication
Prosecution of Rapists. Publication
Questions About Women in the Minnesota Economy. Publication
Report on Women's Advocates Shelter. Publication
Room at the Top: Moving Women into Administrative Positions in Social Welfare. Publication
Rural Women's Leadership in Minnesota: Present Status and the Need for Increased Involvement. Publication
Struggling for Self-Sufficiency on Low Wages. Report of a Conference to Discuss Problems of Low-Income, Working Single Parents. Publication
To Promote the General Welfare. Publication
To Promote the General Welfare. Publication
Training Refugee Women for Employment in Minnesota. Publication
Training Southeast Asian Women for Employment: Public Policies and Community Programs, 1975-1985. Publication
Visitation: Through the Eyes of a Child. Publication
When Government Intervenes to Assist Small Business. Publication
When Women Must Work: A Study of the Location of Jobs With Livable Wages for Women in Minnesota. Publication
Women and War. Publication
Women in Managerial Positions: The Effective Administration of Social Services. Publication
Women's Association of Hmong and Lao for the Future of Women and Girls. Publication
Women's Economic Index for the Minnesota Women's Consortium. Project Report. Publication
Women's Voices--A Research Report. Publication
Women's Voices--Private Lives, Public Policies. Publication
Women, Work, and the City. Publication
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